Sign Up For The Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and 5k

Half Marathon

Want to gobble up some awards and accolades this Thanksgiving? Sign up for the 2018 Invesco QQQ Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and 5k. The race will take off from Georgia State Stadium on Nov. 22 at 7:30 a.m., and the amount you pay depends on the race you run. It’s $85 for the half marathon and $40 for the 5k. The mile run is $10 for those 15 and older and free for anyone between the ages of 6 and 14. In addition, runners 6 and under can participate in a 50-meter dash for free.

You can also attend a post-race celebration right outside Georgia State Stadium. Celebrate with others who finished the race, and then head to Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, let’s go over some tips so you’ll be ready for race day.

Practice with Friends and Family

If you’re not used to running, you need to get ready before the race. Don’t go right out and run a 5k or a half marathon. Instead, work up to it. That’s hard to do on your own, so stay motivated by joining in with friends and family. Run and walk together and push each other, so you can reach your goals. You’ll be sure to attend every practice if you’re running together.

Get Good Running Shoes

Shoes are a really big deal in the running world, and you want to pick the best ones. Don’t just go to the store and grab a pair of shoes. Those shoes might not be right. Instead, go to Big Peach Running Co. and let the staff help you find the right shoes. The shoes selected will be based on your gait, arch, and other factors, and they’ll be perfect for the race. Then, you can keep running in those shoes well after the Thanksgiving event.

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Eat Smart

Your house is going to smell like turkey when you wake up for the big race but fight the urge to gobble it down. Instead, eat a healthy breakfast of yogurt and a banana. That will give you the right amount of carbs and protein, ensuring that you can power through the race.

Also, make sure you eat early enough. It’s best to eat two or three hours before the race, so you don’t run with a full stomach. That will slow you down and prevent you from getting a new personal best.

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