Spend A Day At Stately Oaks Plantation

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a heavy dose of local history. Just head to Jonesboro to visit the Stately Oaks Plantation and tour the 1839 antebellum home. This house is the perfect example of Greek Revival architecture, but it’s more than a beautiful house. Many believe it inspired Margaret Mitchell when she was writing “Gone with the Wind,” and the home is the physical representation of Tara.

Whether you are a fan of “Gone with the Wind” or you just like touring old homes, you will love your trip to the Stately Oaks Plantation. Tours are available every Monday through Saturday, and tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids aged 5 to 11. You can also get special AAA and group rates when you go.

About the Tour

This isn’t just a tour. It’s an experience. You’ll be greeted by guides in period costumes who will take you through the house. They’ll explain the home’s architecture and let you get a close look at the locally made furniture that dates back to the 1800s. Your guides will even talk “Gone with the Wind” with you. Some people have even managed to get the tour guides to rate the southern accents used in the movie.

The tour will also include quite the history lesson. You’ll learn about what life was like both before and during the Civil War. The guides are extremely knowledgeable about Civil War history, and it is truly fascinating.

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Don’t Forget About the Outbuildings

The house is outstanding, but it’s not the only thing you’ll want to see on the grounds. The grounds also contain some outbuildings, including an old schoolhouse and a sharecropper’s cabin. If you truly want to understand life in the old south, you need to visit these buildings.

You’ll also want to go to the old country store, especially if you are a fan of “Gone with the Wind.” You can get some cool “Gone with the Wind” memorabilia at this store.

You will go back in time during your visit to Stately Oaks Plantation. You will realize that while the old days are often depicted as glamorous, people had few amenities back then. Yes, some lived on huge plantations, but they didn’t have all the conveniences we have today. For instance, they didn’t have nice cars back in the old days. Fortunately, that’s not the case today. Head to Hennessy Automotive Group in Atlanta, Georgia, and pick up some modern wheels that will make your life more enjoyable than ever.