Get Outdoors At The Atlanta BeltLine

Railroad Park

The Atlanta BeltLine’s tagline says it all. It’s “where Atlanta comes together,” and that is the point of the Atlanta BeltLine. The BeltLine consists of rails, trails, open green spaces, art, and so much more, all located within a 22-mile enclosure of unused railroad tracks. If you’ve yet to visit the BeltLine, check out some reasons why it’s a must-see Atlanta attraction. Then, put on your walking or biking shoes and head to the BeltLine. It’s a great time to be outdoors, so don’t wait another minute.

Art on the BeltLine

If you love art, a trip to the BeltLine is a must. Local artists are working to reclaim the unused railroad tracks. They have created what’s now known as Art on the BeltLine. As you walk along the BeltLine, you will be treated to one installation after the next. You don’t have to go inside of a stuffy gallery to enjoy art. Enjoy it with a nice dose of fresh air at the BeltLine.

The Food

Who doesn’t like to grab a bite to eat while out and about? The BeltLine is home to various eateries, including Two Urban Licks. Go out and experience nature on your way to your next meal. Oh, and as an added bonus, some of the restaurants have patios so you can stay outdoors while noshing.

It’s Pet-Friendly

You know how Fido is. He’s always ready to go. Ask him if he wants to go for a walk, and he starts bouncing off the walls. That’s why Fido loves the BeltLine. This pet-friendly spot is perfect for walking your dog. Both of you can get your exercise in. You won’t feel so bad about spending hours watching TV after you give your furry friend a little exercise.

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Meet New People

Remember how the tagline is “where Atlanta comes together”? Well, that’s what is so great about the BeltLine. You can meet new people while out and about. You will come across walkers, bikers, art enthusiasts, and foodies all in one spot. Plus, you might even make some new friends.

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