Where To See Georgia And Georgia Tech This Month


Every good Southerner knows that there are two seasons every year.

There’s “College Football Season” and “Not College Football Season.”

Raise your hand if your favorite is “College Football Season.”

You can put your hand down now. Your favorite season is here again, and you can enjoy it in person by catching a Georgia or Georgia Tech game this month. Forget about watching the game on TV. Come out and see your favorite team take on the competition.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Now, if you’re the traveling type, you can see your Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets take on Louisville on Oct. 5 or Virginia Tech on Oct. 25. Both games will be on ESPN, so if you can’t get away, that should suffice.

You might want to watch those games on TV, but you absolutely need to see your team take on Duke on Oct. 13. Tickets start at $26, so you’ll want to catch this game at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field.

This is going to be a tough game, and the team needs you there to help them power through for a win. Sportswriters claim that Duke is going to be the winner, and it’s time to prove them wrong.

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Georgia Bulldogs

It’s going to be a wild ride for the Georgia Bulldogs in October. Your favorite nationally ranked team is opening this month at home against Vanderbilt, and that game is basically in the bag. Still, it’ll be fun to head to the stadium to watch.

The toughest game of the month will be in Louisiana, when the Bulldogs take on LSU on Oct. 13. LSU has come out of nowhere this year, beating both Miami and Auburn. The Tigers were supposed to lose both games, so they are riding the momentum right now. You can help take the wind out of the Tiger’s sails by taking a road trip to Baton Rouge.

Then, you can come back home to watch your team take on Florida on Oct. 27. This game will be exciting, even though Georgia is expected to win. You can never count Florida out, so come out and cheer on your team.

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