See Elton John At State Farm Arena

Elton John

You only get so many chances to see your idols in concert, and when the chance comes, you need to take advantage of it. That’s why you need to get tickets for Elton John at State Farm Arena. The legend is bringing his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour to the arena on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, and it’s going to be an epic concert. Tickets start at $59 and will give you access to close to three hours of music. If you have never seen him in concert, get ready for one of the best shows of your life.

A Career in Highlights

Elton John has no shortage of hits in his exhaustive catalog, and he’ll perform the highlights during this concert. He’ll play 24 songs in all, and they’ll take you through the years. While it’s mostly the hits, you’ll also get to listen to some obscure tunes. These songs are meant for the true Elton John fans, and they will remind you just how deep that catalog is.

In fact, it’s so deep that during the first half of the concert, all of the songs precede 1983. Then, when he comes back for the second set, you will get to listen to the more recent half of his catalog, and that’s where he really shines. These are your favorite songs, and you’ll have a hard time staying in your seat.

He Still Has It – And He’s Engaging

You’ve likely heard some Elton John stories over the years. He’s known for having a fiery personality, so expect to be surprised at this concert. He’s actually very nice and engaging, and he takes occasional breaks to tell you stories about his career. Pay special attention when he talks about Aretha Franklin. It’s a gorgeous tribute.

He does more than just talk, though. His singing voice is as strong as ever, and he can tickle the keys like he’s 30 years younger than he is. This man is an entertainer, and he puts it all out there on the stage.

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The Video Screen

Elton John doesn’t change costumes like he did in the old days, but you can still expect a visually stunning show. He makes great use of the video screen to keep people engaged during the songs. Check it out to see highlights of his career and more.

This is going got be an epic show, and you want to arrive in style. That’s where Hennessy Auto in Atlanta, Georgia, can help. Sure, we might be a little jealous that we aren’t going to see Elton John, too, but we’ll happily help you pick out some wheels to take with you.