Get Ready For College Football At The College Football Hall of Fame

College Football

When the College Football Hall of Fame moved to Atlanta from South Bend in 2014, football fans were excited. They were happy they could pay homage to their favorite sport without traveling all the way to South Bend. Fans quickly fell in love with the museum’s immersive experience. If you’ve yet to visit the museum, now is the time. Get the details, and then grab your tickets. They are just $21.99 for adults and $17.99 for kids aged 3 to 12. Kids under 3 get in for free.

Name That Team

There are tons of schools involved in college football. Which one is your favorite? Register your favorite team when you enter the museum, and you will get information about it during your tour. The museum is filled with interactive screens, and those screens will populate with your team’s information. That type of personalized experience cannot be beaten.

Test Your Skills

You might think the College Football Hall of Fame is just a place to relive the past, but that’s hardly the case. In fact, this is about celebrating your favorite game. That includes getting into the game yourself. You can complete passing drills and go for field goals at the museum. This is the coolest part of the museum and the perfect place to live out your gridiron dreams.

Sing Your Fight Song

Do you love your team’s fight song? Let the world know when you visit the College Football Hall of Fame. You can sing the fight song karaoke-style, and don’t be surprised if you get some cheers. Visitors love this part of the museum, and it’s normal for people to tune in when someone takes the microphone. Go team!

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Be a Broadcaster

You know how you always say you can do better than the broadcasters who call the games? Now is your chance to show off those skills. Step into the broadcaster booth and give the play-by-play. You’ll get your chance to call some of the biggest plays in the game when you step into the booth. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, and it’s your chance to shine.

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